Raising the Visibility of Family Planning in Multisectoral Policies

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Advocates recognize the many benefits of FP related to health and development. Yet FP is not consistently included in multisectoral frameworks. There are challenges getting FP onto the agenda, in ensuring through the development process that FP is addressed effectively, in implementing the multisectoral frameworks or policies; and in monitoring and evaluating the frameworks. Ensuring FP’s inclusion throughout this cycle can help decision makers understand links between population, economic development, and poverty alleviation.

In this webinar, we bring together panellists from Kenya and the Philippines to share considerations in elevating FP into multisectoral frameworks across these two country contexts. What are the bright spots for integration? What are the continued barriers and what is the evidence base required for policy makers to advance FP integration across sectors? We feature recent analyses of policy and programming efforts conducted by USAID’s PROPEL Health project. Join us as we aim to move the dial on elevating FP in multisectoral policies.

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