Our Solutions

PROPEL Health’s interlinked, multi-disciplinary approaches equip local actors with the necessary evidence, capacity, and adaptable best practices to activate context-responsive policy, advocacy, financing, and governance levers and drive improved health outcomes. Our work accelerates measurable health impacts including equitable access to responsive services, increased uptake of health services, and increased use of modern contraceptives.

Advance Resilient and Equitable Policies and Systems

We develop, adopt, implement, and monitor sustainable, resilient, and context-responsive policies to improve accessibility, accountability, affordability, and reliability of integrated high-quality health services, supplies, and information for all people.

Promote Best Practices and Data-Driven Advocacy

We use evidence-based advocacy approaches at the global, national, and subnational level to promote and implement best practices in health policy, financing, and governance.

Maximize and Sustain Financing

We optimize adequate, predictable, and sustainable financing for health services, supplies, and information to meet program needs at all levels and promote equity and quality throughout the health system.

Strengthen Accountable and Transparent Stewardship

We help improve the environment for adaptable and resilient government stewardship, accountability, and transparency.