As part of its localization agenda, USAID, through PROPEL Health, is helping to revitalize local governance groups and strengthen their capacity to independently drive policy reform and implementation forward. In Kenya, PROPEL Health assisted the Ministry of Health to reactivate the Core Research Team, a committee—consisting of representatives from the University of Nairobi, PROPEL Health, and the Ministry of Health’s planning department and malaria, tuberculosis, and maternal and child health programs—that had fallen dormant. Technical support consisted of revamping membership, organizing the committee meeting, and developing the meeting agenda and technical presentations and background documents. The committee, which is critical to helping the government establish the costs of health service delivery and better manage health expenditures, is now focused on institutionalizing the routine collection and use of service cost data.

Similarly, in Botswana, PROPEL Health supported the revitalization of the Ministry of Health’s Integrated Human Resources Information System (iHRIS) Technical Working Group and Health Financing Technical Working Group. The former ensures local ownership and sustainability of Botswana’s health data management system while the latter is advancing the country’s health financing including having recently revised Botswana’s Health Financing Strategy and implementation plan. Both the strategy and implementation plan are on schedule to be sent to the Cabinet for approval by the end of the year. If approved, they will advance universal health coverage, improve financial protections and equity, and enhance the efficiency and quality of health services.